Building confidence through music and drama

For many working families, one of the biggest challenges is making sure that children have adequate care during the day. Over the summer, when children have a long period away from school, this is particularly important, along with making sure children can take part in activities that are stimulating and fun.

For creative children, especially those who need to build their confidence, music and drama provide many benefits. Here are three ways in which these arts are beneficial:

1. Drama and music develop communication and language skills

From learning the lyrics to a new song to speaking from a script, drama and music can really enhance a child’s language. They will discover new words and phrases and hear them used in their correct context, which deepens their understanding.

Also, drama and music both require expression and performance, meaning that children will learn to effectively communicate in various manners. Feeling confident with this essential life skill will lead to an overall boost in confidence as children continue to grow.

West End Summer School

2. Drama and music encourage learning

Both drama and music require a high level of concentration. Children will be encouraged to practice discipline and focus so that they can develop new skills and improve existing ones.

However, the arts are also great fun, helping children discover a love for learning. This approach to discipline and passion works wonders for child development and will help them through many challenges in their school and social lives.

3. A chance to express themselves

For many, being unable to express themselves causes a lack of confidence in who they are and what they do. Both drama and music allow children to express emotions, thoughts and feelings. This positive form of expression encourages children to understand themselves, their peers and the world around them. This understanding leads to a confident approach to life.

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There are many English summer schools that offer opportunities in our Music and Drama section. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or require any further assistance.

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