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Let’s Debate, Why Debate?

It is a rare occurrence that one can enter the classroom as a student and challenge the teacher. Yet, in debate, with a respectful and well-posed argument, it’s welcomed! In a reality where the news is available at our fingertips practically in real-time, it’s never been more relevant to encourage… Read more »

‘Photo Blooming’ – How one photo can lead to structured writing

Beth Southern, an EAL consultant from near Manchester, explores ways to build the vocabulary and writing confidence in EAL learners within international Summer Schools or mainstream classrooms via the use of images. Today she shares one of those ideas with SSD. Children learning English (EAL pupils) need structure to build… Read more »

How summer school can set your child up for future success

It’s difficult to overstate the benefits of sending your child to a summer holiday camp. The academic, social and even career advantages can have a long standing impact on your child’s future and their physical and mental well-being. From reconnecting with nature after hours spent on a smartphone to boosting… Read more »

Top 10 reasons for students and teachers to take a UK summer school job

  It’s heading in to spring and if you’re a student then you probably have assignments and exams on your mind with the long summer holidays glinting brightly in the not too distant future. As a teacher you might be cursing the wet play days and the endless snotty noses… Read more »

Top 20 things to consider when choosing a summer school

Deciding to send your child to  a UK summer school is a very big decision, whether you are sending them from within the UK or from overseas there are many considerations to make. However, summer schools provide valuable experiences, broadening of horizons and a chance to make life long friends… Read more »

The importance of music education

Education is a valuable part of life, from childhood to adulthood and all the way through our lives. There are so many areas of study each with their own importance, from maths and science to English and the arts. Music is a fantastic area of education for children, not only… Read more »

It’s not too late to find a summer school…

How to have the best summer ever! The summer term has started and it is not too late to think about how to spend the best summer holiday ever. Do you want to make every one of those promise filled days count? Read on for Academic Summer’s ( guide to having the… Read more »

Technology and Teenagers in Tomorrow’s World

Technology and Teenagers in Tomorrow’s World  2016 has undoubtedly been a year of unprecedented change across the globe.  Accelerations in technology, the environment and geopolitics are reshaping all aspects of our day to day lives, from small villages to major cities.  As parents and educators, many of us are now wondering what… Read more »