Young Learners and Integration with Native Speakers

Charlotte Sabin, Academic Manager at Varsity International in Oxford writes about the value of integration with native speakers for young learners on UK summer courses.

The opportunity to practise a new language in the native country has long been recognised as a brilliant way to learn. Immersive, supported language learning, especially for younger pupils, allows for a language base that is reflective of the complexities of English, and being surrounded by native speakers their own age provides children with the perfect environment for learning. Students receive support and scaffolding from not only qualified teachers and instructors, but from their peers. 

Immersion learning means that pupils will be fully immersed in a cultural and educational experience, learning English in cross curricular activities with teachers, whilst gaining valuable experience by testing out their newly acquired skills through trips, activities and social opportunities with their peers.

One of the key requirements for language learning is to have opportunities to converse with native speakers, both teachers and other students. This consolidates learning and gives real life opportunities to use everyday conversational English. This is how language can be learnt quickly and effectively so choose to learn English in the UK at one of the many international summer schools!

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages opens every door along the way.

Frank Smith

At Varsity International, out English Language courses are designed with integration in mind, but they are delivered through two very different programmes. The first, our residential course, offers a unique opportunity for students to take responsibility for their own learning, travelling without their parents, living with other students at our centres in Oxford and Wokingham and exploring the UK on regular Varsity excursions. The British children that attend camp every day become host families for international students that choose the homestay option. Each part of the course supports students having a real experience of British culture and the UK.

The other aspect of Varsity is our day camp courses, that run Monday to Friday during the summer months at locations across the UK, including Oxford, Winchester, London, Ascot and Birmingham. This is a perfect course for families travelling to the UK, where parents want to take adult language classes or to sight-see and explore the city. Students join us on camp from 8am to 6pm, benefiting from two hours of English lessons and a full activity programme alongside British children to enjoy for the rest of the day. On all of the courses, students are mixed into diverse groups of nationalities and languages, allowing them not only to gain confidence in speaking in English but also to make friends from around the world. We are very happy to witness the ongoing benefits of these courses, with international and British families visiting each other during term time, and many students returning to the UK to study full time after joining us for the summer.

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