The importance of music education

Education is a valuable part of life, from childhood to adulthood and all the way through our lives. There are so many areas of study each with their own importance, from maths and science to English and the arts. Music is a fantastic area of education for children, not only because it’s great fun but because there are a whole host of other benefits. Learning to play musical instruments is ideal for child development and an increasingly popular choice for summer holiday camps.

Music encourages valuable life skills

Scientific research has shown that playing instruments trains the brain and encourages and develops many skills. Learning to play an instrument requires discipline, determination and patience. These skills are valuable in all aspects of learning and day to day life, leading to a positive attitude towards learning in any subject. It’s also been shown to strengthen memory, leading children to develop more focus and attention to detail. This improved focus helps children to meet goals and aim for success. It also strengthens their ability to multitask, which they can further practice when playing an instrument. Every instrument requires a certain level of multitasking and coordination and good coordination is valuable to developing motor skills and the ability to perform well in a variety of physical activities.

Music is great for confidence and sociability

Confidence can be hard to find, but playing music can have a huge impact. Playing music is a skill to be proud of and children will experience a sense of accomplishment and appreciation of progress. Combined, this can lead to greater self-belief and a healthy level of confidence. Many budding musicians join bands or orchestras, and summer camps and schools particularly encourage social interaction between students. Playing alongside other people promotes friendship building as well as the ability to give and accept compliments and encouragement. Though learning an instrument may seem like a solo activity it’s actually far more social than people realise.

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