UK Summer Schools

The rise in outdoor education

You don’t have to go back many years to find a time when ‘outdoor education’ would basically have been tantamount to PE. Today, more and more parents and educators are placing emphasis on the importance of getting children out of the house and the classroom and into the great outdoors…. Read more »

How international education can change the world

Jen Munro, Founder of ISSOS International Summer Schools, explains why she believes all children (and all teachers!) should be given the opportunity to experience International Summer School Education. I spend my life going to business functions and events where when people find out what I do they always ask “what… Read more »

Why use a Guardianship Service?

What does a Guardianship Organisation do? A guardianship organisation matches your child with a suitable Guardian who can look after the needs of your child, acting on behalf of a parent who is abroad. What will an Educational Guardian provide for my child? A guardian acts on behalf of the… Read more »