NorthStarWorldwide was established in 1999 as the UK’s first fully online secondary ‘school’. Using our dedicated educational online learning platform, NSW provides students with high quality curriculum and tutorial support with exam results that are significantly above the UK national average, we are confident that our approach to learning works and enables students to acquire UK qualifications wherever they are in the world.

We offer a wide range of courses suitable for students aged from 11+, these include:

Courses for Students aged 11-14


The early years of secondary education are often a rich time of learning and exploration as students have mastered basic literacy and numeracy skills and are moving on to explore more demanding and challenging activities. We offer a wide range of courses for students aged 11-14 year old that explore everything from human origins to why Harold lost the Battle of Hastings. You can also see sample lessons by looking at our trial courses. Subjects currently offered include:

Christian Worldview
French ( Year 7 and 8 )
German ( Year 7 and 8 )
Information & Communication Technology ( ICT )

IGCSE Courses


NorthStarWorldwide offers IGCSE courses in a wide range of subjects offered by the CiE exam board. We currently offer the following IGCSEs:

Biology (CiE)
Business Studies (CiE)
Chemistry (CiE)
Development Studies (CiE) NEW for 2016!
English Language (CiE)
English Literature (CiE)
Environmental Management (CiE) New for 2016!
French (CiE)
Geography (CiE)
German (CiE)
History (Modern World) (CiE)
ICT (CiE) *
Mathematics (CiE)
Physics (CiE)
Religious Studies (Bible Knowledge) (CiE O level)
Science (Double IGCSE) (CiE)
Sociology (CiE)

A level courses


NorthStarWorldwide currently offers a range of CiE International A level courses. NSW A level students may choose any combination of subjects, even selecting some from our wide range of IGCSEs.

Our current range of subjects include:

English Language
English Literature
Religious Studies (Divinity)


Why choose NorthStarWorldwide?

We provide our families with the widest possible flexibility:

For families working outside the UK, it means being able to obtain high quality GCSE and A level qualifications without the need to return to the UK to sit exams;
Students can sit EDEXCEL and CiE exams at local centres around the world;
Parents are able to choose the exam board most suited to the exam centres that are local to them;
CiE A levels are an internationally recognised pre-university qualification enabling students to gain access to higher education institutions around the world.
IGCSEs do not require coursework;
IGCSEs provide internationally recognised, 16+ level, qualifications;
A growing number of UK examination centres now accept Edexcel and CiE IGCSE candidates.

NorthStarWorldwide is an official CiE exam centre. This means that students can now sit CiE exams at our North Derbyshire base in May-June and October-November each year. To find out more about our exam facilities please visit our dedicated Exams web site by clicking here.

It is vital that parents find an examination centre that agrees to allow their son/daughter to sit examinations BEFORE enrolling for courses with NorthStarWorldwide.

**Many of the photos in our gallery have been submitted by our students from around the world!**

Special Offers

As former home educating parents ourselves, we know that home education is not a cheap option; which is why over the last few years we have been working hard at NorthStarWorldwide to cut our own costs and find ways to pass these savings onto our families.

Our fees have not risen for three years and in fact this year we have cut our standard fees by between 1.5 and 2%.

Over and above this however, we want to give our families even better value for money, although most of our special offers are limited to families who enrol early, we still have a number of offers that are running at the moment:

Option 1
Enrol in six or more courses as a family and receive 5% off fees!

Option 2
For families who wish to study a full IGCSE in one year we offer a discount of 20% over our standard two year fees. This reduces the cost to £608 per subject.

Families can choose to take advantage of either Option 1 or Option 2!

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