How summer school can set your child up for future success

It’s difficult to overstate the benefits of sending your child to a summer holiday camp. The academic, social and even career advantages can have a long standing impact on your child’s future and their physical and mental well-being. From reconnecting with nature after hours spent on a smartphone to boosting self esteem, there’s a wide range of unexpected benefits to be gained from spending time at summer camps UK.

A unique environment

Summer school provides a unique educational environment with first class teaching in beautiful surroundings. Away from the distractions and pressures of academic life, children are free to explore and fulfil their potential, whether that’s in sports, music and drama or STEM subjects. And, if your child is already focused on their university career, a summer school in their chosen subject can give them the edge when it comes to writing that insightful personal statement.

Developing social skills

Summer schools are also invaluable for developing all-important life skills. Your child will have the opportunity to make friends with other children who share their enthusiasms and passions, and the nurturing environment is perfect for developing confidence and self-esteem. Summer school gives children from all backgrounds and nationalities the chance to make contact with their peers.

Improve your CV

One of the long term benefits of attending English summer schools is the development of so-called ‘soft’ skills, which are increasingly attractive on your CV. In a competitive jobs market, your child’s summer camp experience and the transferable skills, such as time management and organisation, that they develop from it may be what differentiates them from another equally well qualified candidate. The experience that young people gain from attending a high quality music course or studying STEM with access to world class facilities can have a direct impact on the quality of their CV, potentially opening up attendance to better universities.

Don’t forget to have fun!

While summer school can set your child up for future success, it’s also a huge amount of fun and delivers life experiences that you can’t find elsewhere. If you’re interested in finding study opportunities for your child this summer, contact us at Summer School Directory and we’ll be happy to help you find the right summer school in the UK.

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